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Recommended Security Configurations for Secure Mass Update

There are two recommend paths with configuration. It’s important to understand the following before continuing with the install.

  1. Granting access to the App.
  2. Granting access to the Functionality.

When granting access to the App, that allows creation of Application Configuration rows. Each Application Configuration row grants access to the Mass Update functionality to either a Profile or a User. Also included with this installation are two Permission Sets, Mass Update User and Mass Update Administrator. The Mass Update User Permission Set allows access to just the functionality. The Mass Update Administrator Permission Set allows access to the Mass Update App. With all of the above defined, we recommend the following configuration path:

  • Assign all users to the Mass Update User Permission Set
  • During the install, at Step 2, select the Grant Access to admins only option
  • Now, administrators can individually grant access to specified Users or Profile through the Application Configuration

The other path is to select the Grant access to all users option, or select a specific profile. The downside to this option is that this is actually granting access to both the App and the Functionality.

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