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Use Existing List Views

This option converts one or more Salesforce list views to ActionGrid views, including all fields and filters that were applied. 

To use existing list views:

  1. Click the ActionGrid Quick Start tab.
  2. Click Create Custom ActionGrid.
  3. Click Create ActionGrid View.
  4. Select an object that contains the list views that you want to convert to ActionGrid views.
  5. Click Install. When processing is complete, a success screen appears.

To access new ActionGrid views:

  1. In the Salesforce App Menu, click ActionGrid.
  2. Click ActionGrid Explorer.
  3. In the object list, select the object associated with the list views.
  4. Select a view from the View drop-down list in the ActionGrid toolbar.

To see a list of the views that were created for the selected object, click Configure and click Manage Views. In the Manage Views screen, click the Created Date field header twice to sort the created date in descending order; for example:

You can rename the views, share them, delete them, or set their privacy as needed. See Manage Views for details.