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ActionGrid Quick Start Options

Use the ActionGrid Quick Start tab to automatically create an ActionGrid using Quick Grid Templates or by importing existing Salesforce® data from your organization. The options in this tab are meant for new users who want to get started using ActionGrid for the first time.

Quick Grid Templates: This option creates an ActionGrid layout based on one of four common roles: Sales, Case Management, Account Management, and Salesforce Admin. The layout includes tabs and object views that are unique to that role. For example, the Account Management template creates an ActionGrid view based on the Account object, with a Multi-Tabular grid in a Reading Pane with tabs for Opportunities, Contacts, Cases, and others. See Quick Grid Templates in ActionGrid for instructions.

Build an ActionGrid From Existing Salesforce Data: This option creates ActionGrids based on existing Salesforce apps, list views, reports, or commonly used objects. See Build an ActionGrid From Existing Salesforce Data for instructions.

These options were designed for new ActionGrid users who are not familiar with configuring ActionGrid. You can still build a new grid or customize an existing grid by referring to the articles in ActionGrid Configuration.

You may need to add the ActionGrid Quick Start tab to the row of tabs if it is not already visible. Follow these steps:

  1. Click All Tabs (+) in the row of tabs.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the All Tabs page, click Customize My Tabs.
  3. Click ActionGrid - Quick Start in the Available Tabs list.
  4. Click Add to move it to the Selected Tabs list.
  5. Click Save.
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