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Copy and Paste Records

ActionGrid currently supports copy-and-paste operations from Google Docs®, Microsoft Excel® (desktop only), and Apple Numbers®.

There are two ways to paste records into ActionGrid℠:

  • Paste to Batch Insert: This is the default operation. ActionGrid adds new rows with the records that you paste into the grid. This ensures that you do not override existing data.
  • Paste to Batch Update: When you paste data into ActionGrid, it updates existing records. You will receive a warning message confirming that you want to do this.

You can set the default option using Feature Security. Follow these steps:

  1. Click ActionGrid Setup.
  2. Click Global Defaults in the object list.
  3. Click the Feature Security tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Paste to Batch Insert and Paste to Batch Update features.
  5. Choose to Enable, Disable, or Inherit (from the user's Salesforce permissions) each option.

Tips for Copy and Paste

If data does not paste correctly into ActionGrid, formatting issues could be the cause. For example, Excel tries to automatically detect data types and apply formatting. Dates may convert to preferred cultural settings, or numeric totals may have currency symbol prefixes. If data does not paste as expected, we recommend changing the formatting in Excel, Google Docs, or Apple Numbers to match the way data is displayed in ActionGrid. Also, cultural settings on your system may not match those of your browser or the Salesforce user.

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