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Conditional Formatting

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Configure and click Conditional Formatting.
  2. In the Conditional Formatting Rules screen, click New Rule.
  3. Enter a Rule Name.
  4. Select a Field from which to apply the rule.
  5. Select a Cell Color and Text Color.
  6. Click a Font Style (Bold, Italics, and Underline).
  7. Select the Apply to Row check box if the rule should apply to the entire row where the field exists.
  8. Click Basic Rule to apply the rule using criteria such as Contains, Does Not Contain, and others. Or, click Advanced to apply the rule using JavaScript code.
  9. Click Apply Rules.

The following example shows a rule that highlights Opportunities whose Amount value is greater than $35,000:


Here are some other tips for using conditional formatting:

  • To save a conditional format rule, first save the current view.
  • To delete a conditional format rule, click the drop-down arrow next to Configure and select Conditional Formatting. Select the rule and click Delete Rule.
  • To remove all formatting rules, click the drop-down arrow next to Reset View and click Clear Formatting.
  • You can hover over a cell with conditional formatting to show the applied rule.

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