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Manage Licenses and Assign Permission Sets

Now that ActionGrid is installed in your Org, you need to give your Users access to the app. To give your Users access, you must assign Permission Sets to the Users at the Profile level and grant them an ActionGrid license.

Assigning the License 

In the Salesforce Setup menu, under the Build or App Setup section, select the Installed Packages option. You see the option to Manage Licenses next to the ActionGrid package name.


Click Add Users and select the Users you want to the License assigned to. If you want all users to have access, click Add All Users.

To add specific users: 


To add all users:


Assigning Permission Sets

Now you must assign the ActionGrid Users permission set to the Users. Go to Setup menu and under the Manage Users drop-down, click Permission Sets. Select the ActionGrid Users permission set and click Manage Assignments.


Click Add Assignments and select the Users that need access and click Assign.


You can also assign a Permission Set to an individual User. Go to Salesforce Setup > Manage Users > Users > (User), and select the Permission Set Assignments list. Click Edit Assignments and add the ActionGrid Users Permission Set. Click Save.



Now you and your Users are ready to use ActionGrid!