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Manage Licenses and Assign Permission Sets

Once ActionGrid has been installed in your Org, you will need to give your Users access to the app. To do this, you must assign Permission Sets to the Users at the Profile level, and grant them an ActionGrid license.

First, assign the License. In the SalesForce Setup menu, under the Build or App Setup section, select the Installed Packages option. You will see the option to Manage Licenses next to the ActionGrid package name.


Now click the Add Users button and select the Users you want to assign Licenses to, or click the Add All Users button.



Add Licenses Using ActionGrid

ou can also add licenses using ActionGrid.  Follow these steps to assign yourself (or others in your organization) ActionGrid licenses.

  1. Click ActionGrid Explorer.
  2. Select User from the object list.
  3. Select one or more user records for which you want to assign licenses.
  4. Click Actions and click Batch Add > AG License.

Add Permission Sets

Next, you will need to assign the ActionGrid Users permission set to the Users. To do this, go to Setup and under the drop-down for Manage Users, click the Permission Sets option. Select the ActionGrid Users permission set and click the Manage Assignments button.

Click the Add Assignments button and select the Users you want to give access to. Click the Assign button once you are done.

You can also assign a Permission Set to an individual User by going into the SalesForce Setup > Manage Users > Users > (User), and going to the Permission Set Assignments list. Click Edit Assignments and add the ActionGrid Users Permission Set. Click Save to finish.

Now you and your Users are ready to use ActionGrid!

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